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Please use the form below to contact me. Due to my busy schedule I may not be able to answer all of your emails, but I do read them.

Thank you!

A Special P.S.
from the Author

I make every effort to read all your email, but the volume has gotten so big, it's impossible for me to answer each message as I've done in past years. But I appreciate every word! Thanks for your understanding.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you sign up to receive announcements on new John Jakes books, you can be assured you will never receive more than a few annually -- very likely just one or two. The group list will never be made available to commercial interests, nor to other members of the group. This is an announcement list only: messages cannot be posted to the group as a whole. A fan group would be the best way to discuss issues and interests generated by John Jakes novels. Thanks!
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