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On Secret Service

The big Civil War epic from the creator of The North and South Trilogy!


Another New York Times Bestseller from the writer the Los Angeles Times calls "the godfather of the historical novel!"

Rich with plot and period detail, crowded with the greats and near greats of America's Civil War, On Secret Service carries you from the shadowy sanctums of the world's first private detective agency to the battlefields of Virginia and the private haunts of wartime Washington, where even the President's hand-picked men cannot stop a plot that may reach from Richmond to the highest offices of the Union government. 

To tell the story, John Jakes focuses on four young people thrown into the cauldron of "the Brothers' War" --

Lon, the Illinois abolitionist and ace Pinkerton operative caught up in a passionate love affair with a suspected spy. 

Margaret, the Confederate beauty from Baltimore torn between hatred of all her enemies and love of one of them. 

Frederick, the Union officer who follows Lee into the Confederacy, only to confront guilt, tragedy, and heartbreak. 

Hanna, the Washington actress who longs to fight like a soldier until a fateful battlefield meeting changes her life forever. 

Skillfully woven into their stories are memorable portraits of Lincoln . . . McClellan . . . Stanton . . . and the founder of the world's first private detective agency, Allan Pinkerton

Ranged against them: Jefferson Davis . . . the dashing cavalryman J.E.B. Stuart . . . the fiery guerilla Mosby . . . and a deranged actor named Booth

Two towering opponents -- real people -- dominate the stage: the sinister Union detective Lafayette Baker who punishes the guilty and innocent alike . . . and the South's most dangerous female spy, Rose Greenhow, who trades sex for secrets.  

On Secret Service is historical fiction at its finest -- from the master of the genre! 

Signet | Softcover | $7.99US | 0-451-20405-0
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