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On Secret Service

Another New York Times bestseller from the creator of The North and South Trilogy!


Rich with plot and period detail, crowded with the greats and near greats of America's Civil War, On Secret Service carries you from the shadowy sanctums of the world's first private detective agency to the battlefields of Virginia and the private haunts of wartime Washington, where even the President's hand-picked men cannot stop a plot that may reach from Richmond to the highest offices of the Union government. 

On Secret Service is historical fiction at its finest - from the master of the genre! 

Signet | Softcover | $7.99US | 0-451-20405-0


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A completely new edition of the 5-month New York Times bestseller!

Thirty years after the Gold Rush, the true riches of California -- land, water, oil -- waits to be plundered by one adventurous American. James Macklin Chance, aptly named, is a penniless wanderer who descends from the mountains with the dream of conquering California like the Spanish before him, and seizing his share of its wealth, no matter what the price.

You will meet the dynamic Mack Chance, his friends, enemies, and lovers, each with relentless "gold fever." Here too are giant historical figures -- William Randolph Hearst, Leland Stanford, Theodore Roosevelt -- in the sweeping story of the battles for the real gold of the Golden State, as only John Jakes can tell it!

"Riveting ... California Gold strikes pay dirt ... This sweeping epic is a dynamite tribute to the sheer pluck of one man who scorns all obstacles ... (Jakes) instills vibrancy into all his characterizations." - Richmond Times-Dispatch

"The novel potently conveys the raw, irrepressible vitality of California." - Publishers Weekly

Signet | Softcover | $7.99US | 0-451-20397-6
46% off Bestsellers at BAMM.COM


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Previously published as IN THE BIG COUNTRY, this anthology contains THREE NEW STORIES not published in the earlier edition, including the award winning "Manitow and Ironhand" (see the John Jakes bio page) as well as a new introduction by the author!

Here are stories than span the American frontier experience from East to West! Read of dangerous times and savage warfare on the Carolina coast . . . of double-crossing outlaws and a strange saloon shootout . . . of a brave trapper seeking vengeance against a predatory fur company . . . and a duel of medicine men.

Included by personal request of the author is "Mercy at Gettysburg," his widely anthologized short story about the momentous impact of the great Civil War battle on one Pennsylvania family.

Signet | Softcover | $7.99US | 0-451-20419-0
46% off Bestsellers at BAMM.COM


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