Love and War

Love and War
Volume 2
North and South
Published by Open Road Media
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From the first Union rout in Virginia to the last tragic moments of surrender, here is a gigantic five-year panorama of the Civil War!  Hostilities divide the Hazards and the Mains, testing them with loyalties more powerful than family ties.  While soldiers from both families clash on the battlefields of Bull Run, Fredericksburg and Antietam, in intrigue-ridden Washington and Richmond, strong-willed men and beautiful women defend their principles with their lives ... or satisfy illicit cravings with schemes that could destroy friends and enemies alike!

"Massive, lusty, highly readable,.. a graphic, fast-paced amalgam of good, evil, love, lust, war, violence, and Americana." —The Washington Post Book World

Ebook | 1092 pages | B008E6KUXE | June 1, 1984