The Titans, The Kent Family Chronicles Volume 5, by John Jakes

The Titans

The Titans
Volume 5
The Kent Family Chronicles
Published by Open Road Media
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The members of the Kent family’s most dynamic generation face internal clashes as the Civil War ignites

In the hellish years of the Civil War, the Kent family faces its greatest trials yet. Louis, the devious son of the late Amanda Kent, is in control of the dynasty—and of its seemingly inevitable collapse. His cousin Jephtha Kent, meanwhile, backs the abolitionist cause, while his sons remain devoted Southerners. As the country fractures around the Kents, John Jakes introduces characters that include some of the most famous Americans of this defining era. Spanning the full breadth of the Civil War—from the brutal frontlines in the South to the political tangle in Washington—The Titans chronicles two struggles for identity: the country’s and the Kents’.
Ebook | 560 pages | B008E8WB4I | December 1, 1976
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